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Jan Daggett

Hello Jewel customers and followers.  For those of you who haven’t met me my name is Peggy Frye.  I am The Jewel’s business manager and part of the design team.  Essentially I am Jan Daggett’s apprentice here at The Jewel.  On behalf of our staff I’d like to welcome you to The Jewel’s first online blog!  

It’s been an interesting dilemma deciding how much energy and in what ways to utilize today’s technology.  How do we embrace the internet without losing our old-school approach and the personal touch we take pride in?  The Jewel has always remained intentionally behind-the-times in some ways, and completely innovative in others!  These days, when most jewelry stores and designers rely on computer aided design and 3D wax printers, The Jewel has stubbornly continued to hand-fabricate and hand-carve the majority of our pieces.  Modern computerized jewelry making has many advantages, but the majority of our non-standard designs are still most effectively made the old fashioned way, by hand.   

Since the day we opened our doors, customers have asked for a way to be in contact with us long distance.  First requests were for a catalog, later a web site.  Well, we are finally joining the 21st Century. And to make sure our online customers get to experience a little bit of that magic you feel in the store, we’re creating this blog to give customers better insight into our world and what goes on both inside The Jewel and behind the scenes!

As always, we’re still blending old-world craftsmanship and innovative design with an obsessive attention to detail.  Now that we’ve finally embraced the world-wide-web we hope to create the same perfect balance, maintaining a one-of-a-kind experience for long time patrons while giving new fans a taste of ‘The Jewel experience’. 

While we work to find new ways to utilize technology, you can always rely on our staff to remember your name as well as your favorites, and to pick up a pen to touch base the old fashioned way, because we still believe the computer will never substitute for personal interaction.  With that in mind, we hope all this new-found technology, and our blog in particular, will make your experience more personal rather than less.  

We plan to share a broad range of topics from The Jewel’s unique perspective, covering topics from jewelry, jewelry design, custom design, and how to care for what you own, to what’s new in the world of fine gems, rare minerals and fossils.  Please feel free to interact with us in this new way and tell us if there are any topics you’d like us to cover!!